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A rape victim could spend 20 years in El Salvador after giving birth to her abusive stepfather’s baby, in a case that shines a spotlight on the country’s shockingly strict abortion laws.


Imelda Cortez, 20, is standing trial this week for attempted murder. She gave birth to her stepfather’s baby in a latrine in April 2017, and was rushed to hospital after her mother found her bleeding and in extreme pain.


The Guardian reports that upon Cortez’s arrival in hospital, doctors suspected that she had attempted to abort the baby and called the police. Despite the fact that the baby girl was found healthy and alive, Cortez was arrested, charged with attempted murder and imprisoned after a week in hospital

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Dropping every Friday, Women Making Waves is a series highlighting the women who rocked the boat, pushed for change and made history around the world this week. 

Snowboarder Anna Gasser makes history as first woman to land triple cork

On Tuesday (13 November), Austrian athlete Anna Gasser achieved something no woman ever has before: landing a cab triple cork, a snowboarding move that involves three full rotations.

The 27-year-old Olympic champion pulled off the jump on her first attempt at the Stubai Glacer in Austria.

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